Pitch Contest at CJLA – Check It Out!

The Caren Johnson Literary Agency is holding an open Pitch Fest today.

They are looking for romance (urban fantasy, contemporary and historical), YA (contemporary and paranormal) and women’s fiction [Caren] and middle-grade and YA novels and series [Elana].

The pitch needs to be under 100 words, and submitted between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm. 

Check out the details at: http://www.johnsonliterary.com/blog/2010/1/25/pitchfest-details-and-instructions.html

Here’s mine:

When Brian finds a box in the attic containing old newspaper clippings and a signet ring just like his grandfather’s, he realizes he’s stumbled across the family secret: Jack. Although Grandpa Jim has good reason to forget his identical twin, the past will continue to haunt him unless Brian can uncover what really happened.

JIM AND JACK is a YA contemporary with a historical twist and a splash of romance, the completed first novel in an outlined series of History Mysteries.


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One response to “Pitch Contest at CJLA – Check It Out!

  1. Aww. I wish mine was finished. I’ve got a great hook! ^^

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