Six Words, Much Quoted, New Twist

It seems lately that everyone is quoting Ernest Hemingway’s shortest short story, “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” Last week, I was listening to NPR while driving, and heard an interview with editor Larry Smith from the online magazine Smith. (

He has capitalized on Hemingway’s idea by inviting people to post their own “Six Word Memoirs” and compiling them into a book called, “Not Quite What I Was Planning.” At the end of the interview, callers to the show shared some of their own ideas, and several were very clever.

As I drove along, I tried to think of a few of my own and realized that for some reason, all of mine rhymed. Since February fourteenth is fast approaching, it occurred to me that I could incorporate the discipline of limiting oneself to six words into writing a Valentine’s Day poem for my husband.

It didn’t take long: “Married you, had two, love true.”

That was fun, so I thought of a few more that could hypothetically be appropriate for the season: “Like fate, first date, was great.” “Cute guy, oh my, feeling shy.”

Tiring of that, I started to think of a few less appropriate ones: “First date, arrived late, not great.” “Pretty girl, marriage whirl, baby Pearl.”

Which quickly degenerated to: “Divorced date, much freight, some hate.” “Big date, why wait, let’s mate.”

And then one inspired by my having to brake fast: “Fat squirrel, tail curl, brown fur-l.” (No, I didn’t hit him.)

But enough of mine. I would love to see other people’s ideas for six word rhyming Valentine’s Day poems. If you think of one and would like to share, please post it in the comments section.

I’m done, had fun, gotta run. 🙂



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2 responses to “Six Words, Much Quoted, New Twist

  1. Once, maybe twice, always knew.


  2. saw you, wearing blue, love’s true. 🙂

    hope you like it Aunt Linda!



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