I Cannot Tell a Lie: Update

As today is George Washington’s actual birthday, I will give the truthful answer to my “I Cannot Tell a Lie” post of last week.

In review, my two truths and a lie were:

1. I used to have a parakeet that figured out how to escape his cage, and my cat ate him while I was at a Fourth of July carnival.

2. When we were young, several of my siblings and I dressed up our little sister as Uncle Sam, put her on top of the newel post in the front hall and left her there.

3. I once was driving my car and a firework shot through the open window and caught the back seat on fire.

The truth is that the firecracker in the backseat was the lie.

Update: Little Sister was not outwardly scarred from her experience on the newel post, and I still have one of poor Budginald’s tail feathers. I forgave the cat, because that is what cats do. I think my sister has forgiven her siblings, as well, for similar reasons 🙂



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2 responses to “I Cannot Tell a Lie: Update

  1. I thought for sure you had lied about the parakeet. Obviously I am pretty easily influenced by a little fib.

    Thanks for sharing some fun facts with us!

  2. That was fun! Poor little sis! Glad she recovered. 🙂

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