THE ROAD: Follow-Up Review

Many moons ago, after seeing the movie Jurassic Park, a friend of mine said that she half expected to see dinosaurs when she came out of the theater. At the end of winter, under gray skies with remnants of dirty snow on the ground, one has a similar feeling after reading The Road. One comes away with images of starving children, bloody coughs, and many things more sinister and disturbing. To quote the book, “Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever.” Gee, thanks, Cormac McCarthy.

Although I initially found The Road to be gimmicky with it’s lack of apostrophes and quotation marks, by the end of the book I felt that it was appropriate to the story to have the punctuation degraded. While I didn’t care for the disjointed character of the phrasing, the vocabulary was broad without feeling contrived, and leaned towards the poetic at points. The message that I took away from The Road was that we’d better appreciate what we’ve got (and perhaps do something to maintain it), because things can be destroyed to the point of no return.

I didn’t like the book, the disgusting images, the desperation, the evil hordes. I don’t think that I was supposed to like the book. The future the author envisioned was just a little too easy to imagine.


Layinda’s Blog Final Rating: ¶¶¶¶¶



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3 responses to “THE ROAD: Follow-Up Review

  1. Sounds like a really difficult book too read. Doesn’t sound like it’s up my alley at all. I like my happy endings 🙂

  2. Tina

    Thanks for posting this – I’ll give this book another try. The ridiculousness of McCarthy’s punctuation ‘quirks’ made me struggle through ‘No Country For Old Men’, and that ended up being one of possibly three books I’ve ever read that pale (IMO) in comparison to the movie version.

    And ‘The Road’ … I haven’t been able to get through it! But I will definitely work on it!

  3. Interesting commentary. I have heard this book is the bomb diggity. And yet, I have had as much interest in reading it as I have had in watching the movie “Titanic”. Yep, I’ve never watched the flick yet.

    Some things, like you said, are just too easily imagined and I don’t need someone to make me “see” it in detail. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

    Thanks for the review.

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