Go With the Flow

Recently, I’ve found myself listening to late evening radio shows that feature announcers who speak in foreign languages. I used to change the channel when these came on, but have discovered that I enjoy listening to the cadence and rhythm of a foreign tongue. There is a lyrical quality to the ebb and flow of pitch intertwined with the fluency of the spoken word. With meaning removed from the equation, I am free to appreciate the music of language.

I have always felt that it is important to incorporate this quality into one’s writing, and there are a few web resources that say it better than I probably would. Here are the links:

Common “pitfalls” of sentence structure and how to avoid them:


Helpful suggestions for avoiding choppy sentence structure:


This one is aimed at younger writers, but the content is excellent:


On the qualities of good prose:


Sentence variation and the rhythm of writing:





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4 responses to “Go With the Flow

  1. I love doing this, too! Also, I love hearing the Jewish prayers. The chanting, rocking, soothing sound of their voices are wonderful. I don’t have a link to share, but oh – it’s lovely. 🙂

  2. These are great websites! I think more writers should study writing along with just “writing.” The tighter the writing, the better, in my opinion. Thanks for the help. molly

  3. We have students from a variety of cultures at school. I love listening to them interact with each other and their parents. It is so musical 🙂

  4. What a wonderful pot of literary gold. Thanks so much for digging up these wonderful resources and sharing them with us!

    Off to check them out.

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