Monday Author Series – Gone but Not Forgotten: Marguerite Henry

Marguerite Henry

Marguerite Breithaupt Henry was born on April 13, 1902, in Wisconsin. When she was eight years old, she fell victim to rheumatic fever and was an invalid for several years. Confined to bed, there wasn’t much to do in those days but read and write, and so that’s what she did. At age eleven, she entered one of her stories in a magazine contest and won, resulting in her first publication. After fully recuperating, she went back to school and continued on to college, where she received a degree to teach English.

After she married Sydney Crocker Henry in 1923, she started submitting some of her stories to magazines. After some success, she began to write animal books for children, collaborating with illustrator Wesley Dennis on several of her works. Their first endeavor was Justin Morgan Had a Horse, which won a Newbury Honor. Most of her books were about horses, which Dennis excelled at depicting.

Known for her extensive research and the historical accuracy of her stories, her books were very popular with children, and many are still in print. The most famous of her fifty-nine works were, Justin Morgan Had a HorseBrighty of the Grand Canyon, Misty of Chincoteague, Stormy, Misty’s Foal, King of the Wind, and Album of Horses, earning her two Newbury Honors and a Newbury Medal, as well as several other distinguished awards. 

After a long and fulfilling career, she died on November 26, 1997, at age 95.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Misty of Chincoteague
Brighty: Of the Grand Canyon (Marguerite Henry Horseshoe Library)
King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian
Album of Horses



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Greenville Public Library



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4 responses to “Monday Author Series – Gone but Not Forgotten: Marguerite Henry

  1. I went through a very horse-y stage as a young girl – loved everything about horses – and read dozens of books. Thanks for the memories 🙂

  2. I had Brighty and Misty. Not those covers, but similar ones. Thanks for the memories1

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