True or False?

Yesterday, I took on the challenge of The Bald Faced Liar “Creative Writer” Blogger Award, given to me by Cat Woods of “Words from the Woods.” A condition of accepting the award was to list seven facts about myself, the catch being that six of them had to be lies and one true, or six true and one a lie. Commenters were invited to guess which way I decided to go with it, and determine the odd one out.

Lots of people read yesterday’s post, but only three elected to guess which stories were true or false. Were they right? Here’s the recap, answers included:

1. I wrote my first manuscript when I was seven. It was a mystery, entitled, “The Adventures of Powder Puff Pig.” I made a nice little booklet and drew a rather straggly pig with a fluffy back on the cover. I couldn’t think of anything to say past the first page.
True We were vacationing at my aunt’s house in Denver, and there was nothing else to do.

2. I used to love selling Girl Scout cookies door to door (when I was little, you could still do that relatively safely). People were always giving me extra money, but instead of putting it into the troop fund, I would use it to buy more cookies, for myself.
False Great idea in retrospect, but I was rather shy. Selling door to door was the last thing I was interested in.

3. I am the proud owner of an Australian shepherd, three cats and a gerbil. The Gerbil’s name is Hank. The dog is Max, and the cats are Sam, Henry, and Sally. The next pet I have my eye on is a chinchilla, so that I can use it as a lap warmer for those cold nights in front of the TV. When it dies of old age, I can have a hat made out of it, and not feel guilty.
False We did have a miniature schnauzer, but he died of old age in December. We didn’t make a hat out of him. My sons got to pet a chinchilla at a nature center last summer and have been begging for one ever since, but since rodents can’t be potty trained, they’re out of luck.

4. I love 3-D movies. Give me a pair of those glasses, and I am in another world for ninety minutes. I can’t wait until they start selling the new 3-D televisions, and I’ll be able to watch everything that way.
False 3-D is neat for about five minutes, but then the glasses start to bother me, and I get nauseous.

5. I only wear skirts or dresses. I am so manly looking that whenever I wear pants, I am frequently mistaken for George Stephanopolous.
False I do like skirts and dresses, but I wear pants or shorts most of the time. While some have likened me to a young Meryl Streep and Caroline Kennedy, I have never been mistaken for Mr. Stephanopolous. I do think he’s kind of cute, though.

6. I was such a fast swimmer in high school that I went all the way to the State Championships when I was a junior. I almost won first place in freestyle, but right before I touched the wall, someone’s little sister jumped from the deck into my lane and landed right on my head. My coach actually had to jump in and save both of us. They declared the heat invalid, but it affected me so badly that I didn’t even place when we reswam it.
False I know how to swim, but I’m more the Marco Polo type.

7. One of my old boyfriends is a famous movie star, but I won’t mention who, to protect his anonymity. Let’s just say that Demi wasn’t his first cougar.
False Although Ashton Kutcher has his charms, I have never had much interest in younger men.

Sorry, Ashton.

My final obligation in accepting the award is to pass it on to six creative liars writers, post links to them, and let them know they’ve been nominated. (There is no pressure to accept, so don’t panic if you see your name):

MarcyKate Connolly – writer, composer, arts administrator

JEAN ORAM (.COM) (Jean is posting from her cross-Canada vacation this week.)

Lisa & Lisa Write a Book (And yes, I’m counting both of them…)

A. Victoria Mixon, Editor (Dispenser of Literary Wisdom)

TK Richardson – My Writing Masquerade (TK’s debut novel Return the Heart was released in May, a YA thriller about a gifted girl with ESP.)

Thanks again for thinking of me, Cat! This was a lot of fun. 🙂



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6 responses to “True or False?

  1. Awesome! I’m so glad the piggie story was true! 🙂

  2. A schnauzer hat?
    You missed a brilliant opportunity there!

  3. jean

    What fun! Thanks Layinda! I can’t wait to play with this one, hmmmm… My imagination is on it!

  4. So I was wrong, lol. But it was fun anyway.

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