Keyboard Tips for the Mac

Heidi Thomas of The Blood-Red Pencil posted today about the correct way to type punctuation that is not listed on PC keyboards (specifically, the backwards apostrophe and the em-dash).

My previous career as a computer graphics artist and typesetter qualifies me to do the same for Mac users, plus a few more handy little keyboard tricks that I have found useful when typing my manuscripts. (The = sign and commas are just for clarity – don’t type them):

é = option e, e

ü = option u, u

ñ = option n, n

ç = option c

(em dash) = option shift hyphen

° (degree sign) = option shift 8

© = option G

= option [

= option shift [

= option ]

= option shift ]

¢ = option 4

= option ;

= option 2

Happy typing! 🙂



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3 responses to “Keyboard Tips for the Mac

  1. Awesome! I always wondered how to make the backwards apostrophe! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. You’re so much smarter than me!

    Thanks for looking out for us little people.

  3. Thanks,

    This reminds me of an old book that I used to have called The Mac is Not a Typewriter.

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