WriteOnCon – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Well, I have to hand it to Jamie Harrington, Elana Johnson, Casey McCormick, Shannon Messenger, Lisa and Laura Roecker, and Jennifer Stayrook. Their brainchild, the WriteOnCon online conference for PB, MG and YA writers, was fantastic.

Styled after a traditional writer’s conference (except that it was free!), registration opened up on July 1, and the conference began this Tuesday morning at 6am, EDT. For three whole days (and evenings), the schedule was packed with posts by industry professionals, vlogs, critique forums, interactive agent panels, live video workshops, and prize drawings. Attendees were able to “get together” with each other and agents in the conference chat, lounge and through personal messaging. It was a lot of fun, and very informative.

A glitch with the server on the first day precluded many registrants (myself included) from logging on to the site, but every effort was made by the organizers for people to still “attend,” by posting all of the happenings and contests on their blogs. By Wednesday morning, everything was fixed, with plenty of time left for people to post items for critique.

The site and all of its posts will remain up so that anyone who was unable to participate can continue to benefit from the shared wisdom. If you missed it, go on over and check it out. It’s the next best thing to being there.


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2 responses to “WriteOnCon – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about WriteOnCon! We had a total blast putting it all on, and I too am glad that all that content is staying up, because I haven’t got the chance to read through all of it yet!


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