Irene Goodman Literary Agency Critique Marathon Dec. 1

An Agent Query Connect friend, Robert K. Lewis (thriller writer extraordinaire), happens to be represented by the Irene Goodman Literary Agency. For the last several months, the agency has been auctioning off critiques of partial manuscripts (first fifty pages) on Ebay. ALL of the proceeds have gone to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Deafness Research Foundation, and Hope for Vision, because Irene’s son has Usher Syndrome (which means he’s losing his sight and hearing).

Now, Irene has announced that on December 1, she is going to host a “crit marathon,” and will be putting out FIFTEEN auctions for critique. According to RKL, Ms. Goodman is very hopeful that she will one day sign an author through this endeavor, though she hasn’t, yet. People have also said good things about her crits, which is no surprise, as she’s been a successful literary agent for about 30 years.

Here’s a link to the web page:

Good Luck!


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One response to “Irene Goodman Literary Agency Critique Marathon Dec. 1

  1. I love critiques! Such a great opportunity and she is such a strong agent–I’ve heard good things about her critiques, too.

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