Getting Into the Mood

I have heard of many things that authors do to get themselves into the mood to write. They’ll use a special pen, listen to particular music, or eat certain foods that they feel will tempt their muse to come out and play.

I have found for myself that wearing a certain pink bathrobe seems to do the trick. I don’t know why, but when I snug into its cozy folds on Saturday mornings, I want nothing more than to sit at my laptop and write. Wearing this robe, I pounded out the first thirty pages of SECRET AGENT in one sitting, and have been struck with myriad ideas for blog posts — sometimes two or three at a time. I am actually wearing it in my avatar photo, although I cropped it closely enough that (hopefully) no one could tell.

Plum colored flowers on a fluffy ground of Pepto-Bismol pink, a clear lucite zipper pull and patch pockets with braided satin edging combine in a lightweight softness that borders on luxury. The robe happens to be two sizes too large, but it zips up the front so that I never have to retie a sash, and the mandarin collar keeps my neck toasty.

Ensconced in this billowy cocoon, only my hands need venture into the cool morning air, a steaming mug of tea nearby to warm them if necessary. With the cares of the week behind me, no demands other than a toppled pile of laundry and the white noise of my sons’ laughter as they watch cartoons, my mind is able to tune out the world and discern the quiet inklings of my muse.

What gets you ready to write?



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3 responses to “Getting Into the Mood

  1. For me, the ideas come when my mind is quiet and I’m feeling some music that touches me in some way. As long as I capture those ideas on paper I can do the actual writing at a later time when I’m not necessarily feeling that feeling.

  2. A robe with a zipper! I’ll have to look into that. Nothing really “gets me in the mood”. My goal is to write every day. Knowing I have to do that usually does the trick.

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