The Pencil Sharpener


Recently in desperate need of a new classroom pencil sharpener, I searched the Internet and discovered the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener — a hand-crank pencil sharpener that can be used anywhere in the classroom and sharpens pencils perfectly, “every single time.”

I went to their website and was about to order one in a pretty shade of blue,commercial imagewhen I saw that I could get a free one if I were to write a review on my blog about it. Four days later, a small but exciting box arrived on my front porch. I had already informed my class of our windfall, so took it to school unopened for my students to share in the big reveal. There are several videos on YouTube showing how to use it, and we had already watched a couple of them in anticipation of the Big Day.

Upon opening the box, we were taken aback to discover that the little black pincher pieces had come off during shipping, but after a minute of figuring out which went where, the pieces snapped back on perfectly.

Normally, there is no assembly required unless you choose to use the clampClamp image from their blog (included) to affix it to a desk or table top. We tried it that way at first, but it did not seem terribly stable (at least where I was trying to put it), and after using it a few times, it became detached and fell to the floor. We decided to skip the clamp and just hold the sharpener down with the non-cranking hand during use, which worked much better.

Here’s how: Pinch the two black pieces together with one hand while you insert the pencilIMG_8318, then pull the metal carriage out as far as it can go. Release the pinchers. Place your non-dominant hand on top of the sharpener IMG_8311to hold it in place, and use your other hand to crank in a clockwise fashion until there is no resistance (the pencil is held in place by the pinchers). When the resistance stops, pinch the black pieces together again, remove the pencil, and admire the point.

IMG_8321Because you will, every single time!

Check out the Pencil Sharpeners from Classroom Friendly Supplies! You won’t be disappointed.

Update: After about two weeks of use, the gripper that pulls the pencils into the mechanisim to be sharpened stopped working correctly. We can still use it, but the metal carriage does not retract by itself without manual assistance. IMG_8326Now when sharpening, after about every quarter inch, the resistance stops prematurely and we need to repeat the pinch/pull-out-the-metal-part-as-far-as-it-can-go step about 8 times before the pencil is sufficiently sharpened. Still a perfect point though. 🙂

Fellow teachers have stepped forward to say that they also have one and love it, and have not had that issue, so I think we just got a lemon. I will definitely order another when this one totally croaks. Still love it!

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  1. A great list ! Glad you included the Swiss Wood — although I don’t use it often, I like the brown sugar spice smell and everything else about it. I also like the Kitaboshi Academic pencil.


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