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I Really Should Be Working…

I have posted previously about the benefits of procrastinating. It allows the subconscious to have some important incubation time, helps clear out the mental cobwebs, and diffuses inner conflict on days when writing is more of a struggle than a joy.

In the spirit of providing tools for avoiding writer’s block, I have annotated a few good, free websites that are a wonderful way to change gears while scoring some brownie points with the inner child. 

This site is a storehouse of brain teasers and mental challenges to delight even the most self-disciplined of writers. 

You might be happy to just read the articles on this website, but if you go to the “games” section, you will be even happier. Spliterature and Mah Jong Dimensions are two of my favorites. Note: you have to scroll to the bottom of the home page to find the correct tab.

Lots of fun and informative tests to take, that range from measuring your I.Q. to determining what your favorite color says about you. This site is a pleasant way to pass the time when you really should be researching the proper way to write a query letter. 

I guess I don’t really need to describe this one, but I can highly recommend the Scrabble Beta game.

It’s not just for kids anymore. There are many terrific games on this website (category: Play) that will engage even the mature writer. My favorite is Junkbot, where you have to guide a lego robot across a series of blocks that gets more challenging with every level.

Note: A good trick to keep the goofing-off to a manageable level is to set a timer. When the buzzer goes off, get back to work.



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